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Keylogger for Mac OS X or Mac Keystroke recorder is perfectly designed and useful to record activities performed by users while using Apple Mac machines. The use of simple and easy to use mac monitoring program provides significant monitoring results as it help to know what your child, employees are doing behind your back in complete surveillance mode.

Best featured monitoring software for MAC OS X records different activities including –
  • Keystroke details (System and Internet activities)
  • Clipboard contents
  • USB device insertion and removal activities
  • Capture screenshots at regular time intervals
  • User Internet and System activities
Software Features
  • Mac keylogger Software records complete keystroke details in significant manner.
  • Mac os x keylogger records Login details, URL typed, search engine searches in best possible manner.
  • Keystroke recorder for MAC or Keylogger mac records clipboard content details (cut and copy actions).
  • Keylogger mac os x software captures USB device insertion and removal activities in complete stealth mode.
  • Key logger mac osx capture screenshots of visited website, typed URLs, application accessed and other similar activities in hidden mode at regular time intervals.
  • Keylogger osx software works in hidden mode.
  • Password protected spyware for mac prevents unauthorized key logger software access.

Freeware keylogger for mac – Download mac osx keylogger to understand complete features and working in significant way. Place order to get monitoring software mac licensed version at cost-effective price.


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