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Are you curious to know about your child PC activities in your absence? Does he take secret chat conversation with the strangers? Does he surf inappropriate sites? Do your employees spend time on surfing, chatting and playing online games instead of work they are paid for?

If so, our powered KeyLogger software easily detects all external user PC keystrokes activities in your absence. Simple Keystroke monitoring software is a flexible utility to record all keyboard typed text including chat conversation, typed URLs, login name and passwords, search engine searches etc. Easy to use KeyLogger application runs invisibly in background that easily overrides all major anti key logger programs and even software installation cannot be track by any external user using your system. Download 30 days free trial version of keylogger software to evaluate features and functionality in advance before you decide to purchase full version.


What does KeyLogger Software do?

Records all typed keystrokes : KeyLogger program is fully capable to record and save every keystroke (may be alphanumeric or numeric) activities.

Tracking employee computer activities : Best Stealth KeyLogger software helps to track what your employees are doing when you are away from them. How many hours are they spending in non-official work? Are they selling Company’s secret and other confidential documents?

Monitoring children computer activity : Activity monitoring tool is helpful in parental monitoring to know children secret chat with strangers, visited websites or activities performed at the examination time etc.

Recording chat conversation : Keystroke recorder utility facilitates to record chat conversation, sent instant messages to your friend or external user from your Desktop PC or Laptop while you are away.

Capturing login name and password : Lets you instantly track recently typed username and password, how many logins was tried previously etc information.

Tracing online searches : You can easily know what was searched last time and which searches have been performed frequently?

Tracking visited website : Key capture utility helps you to check out websites visited or surfed and URLs typed in your absence.

Monitoring email activities : Lets you track all email activities including sent mail messages, inbox messages, outbox messages, chat conversation etc in your absence.

Facts about KeyLogger Software

Hidden monitoring tool : KeyLogger stealth software runs invisibly in background and user cannot detect about the key logger installation on the PC.

Password protected application : Fully password protected Key Logger application prevents unauthorized users to access or modify software settings.

Generates the report in the text and html format : Provides facility to create and view report of typed keystrokes so that you can easily view the entire keyboard typing activities performed on the computer system in your absence.

Email the typing activities logs to your email ID : Feature helps you to avoid accessing the PC again on which you have installed the Keylogger software and you can get all activities on your email automatically without sitting on that PC personally.

No Degradation of performance : Do not slow down the computer performance when the software is running in Standard or Hidden mode.

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