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Advance KeyLogger software lets you monitor what your kids, family members or employees are doing at your back and helps you in tracing their computer activities. To provide you a clear vision of what your children or employees are doing on the computer, our Advance KeyLogger software takes continuous Windows screenshots of whatever is running on the computer screen. Advance KeyLogger utility is a visual surveillance tool with the visual screen capturing facility to see not only what children and employees do, but the exact order in which they do it, step by step. With our Advance Windows Key Logger, you will easily find who is doing what on the computer.

Flexible Computer monitoring software built with additional log details functionality easily record all keystrokes and takes screenshots at regular interval of time. Similarly traces Clipboard activities, Application details, System activities (System Start or Shutdown time), Sound activities and much more. Best Keystroke Logging utility informs System Administrator or Owner about the activities performed in his absence by automatically sending log file details at specified mail address or uploading the activities logs to Web server using FTP settings. Download 30 days free trial version of Advance keylogger software to evaluate software features and functionality in advance before you decide to purchase full version.

What does Advance KeyLogger Software do?

Capturing Windows screenshots : Visual surveillance software facilitates to capture entire Windows screen snapshots periodically so that you may see what all system or internet application accessed on computer screen in your absence.

Recording Keystrokes : Records all keyboard keystrokes made on computer by the users while you are away from your computer system.

Recording all clipboard content : Records and view everything, which have been copied using Clipboard activity recording functionality.

Monitoring system activities : Monitors and record System application activities, Sound activities, System time modifications, System start and shutdown time

Monitoring internet activities : KeyLogging software supports you in clearly tracking internet activities including visited websites, typed URLs, surfed sites, chat conversation, playing online games, instant messages and other activities while you are away.

Saving Log files : Simple Keystroke recorder software records computer user’s log of activities into the encrypted log file, which can be later viewed by the user.

Sending computer user’s log details at specified email account : Sends log file in the stealth mode at the user specified e-mail address (Email delivery) or uploading the activities logs to Web server using FTP settings.


Facts about Advance KeyLogger Software

Password protected application : Keylogger software has password protection facility to prevent unauthorized users from changing Keylogger software configuration settings or viewing the log files.

Hidden Installation : Completely invisible software, that is not detected by any user or antivirus software installed on the machine and not visible on Desktop or even in installation folder path.

View Keystroke activities : Facilitate to view every input keystrokes with option to view only printing keystrokes.

Generate report : Generate the report of recorded data in Html or txt format so that you can easily view the performed activities on the computer system in your absence.

Works in Standard or Hidden mode : Advance keylogger software can be set to run in Standard or Hidden mode as per user need and requirement.

Recording multiple user accounts : Lets you record all users logged on your computer machine (including the Guest user).

Intuitive interface : Powerful Keystroke tracker utility has a very intuitive and friendly user interface that is self-explanatory and actions can be easily executed with a click of the mouse from novice to professional in very few seconds.

Stealth mode : Advance Key Logger will not be appeared on the Desktop, Add/Remove Programs, Control panel and even remains in hidden attribute in installation folder path.

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